What is a Directory – a FIM POV

What’s in a word? Let’s break it down …

DIRECT … The way FIM likes its object and attribute flows mapped;
OR … What do you mean, like there’s a happy alternative??? We’re talking declarative here!!!;
Y … Would you even TRY the SQL MA???

There I’ve said it. What the FIM world needs now is for EVERY connected system to look, act and feel like one of these (a directory) even when it isn’t by default. If only …

Well maybe we’re not far away now from just that possibility … So watch this space šŸ˜‰


About bobbradley1967

Microsoft Identity and Access Professional with 2 decades of successful IAM implementations in APAC, specialising in MIM and its predecessors (FIM/ILM/MIIS) and now with SoftwareIDM. A Microsoft IAM MVP prior to that with a background in MS.Net applications development/SI. Now with a particular interest how Identity and HyperSync Panel provide the Identity and Access orchestration presently missing in the Azure Entra Suite to effectively enforce Zero Trust on the M365 platform.
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